Wednesday, September 12, 2018

1,000 Pageviews & Other Blog News

Last week this blog hit a milestone: 1,000 total pageviews. Woohoo! To celebrate, I will be giving away a diamond painting soon. I am just waiting for the prize to arrive in the mail so I can make sure it's in good shape and all drills are accounted for before I give it away. It will hopefully be here next week, so keep checking back! Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog so far. I hope you'll keep coming back, and share it with others as well!

To that end, I wanted to share that I have created Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts for Diamond Painting Digest. Just click on those links to go to them. Your likes/follows would be greatly appreciated! Also, feel free to share any post from this blog that you like on any social network. If you use the Web Version of the blog (if you're on mobile, you can switch to Web Version through a link at the bottom of the page), there are share buttons at the bottom of every post. If you like the blog, or find a particular post really helpful or inspiring, please help spread the word!

Also, I would love to see more participation on the blog, so please don't hesitate to comment on posts, whether it's a positive comment about something you enjoyed, or something you disagree with or think could be improved! And, in case you didn't notice already, I have a new poll up for September on the great debate: Square or Round? You can find it in the post previous to this one (here) or, if you're on the Web Version of the blog, it should be on the right hand side of your screen. Please vote!

In less exciting news, I may unfortunately have to slow down a bit for a while on adding new posts and making improvements to old ones. Work is crazy busy for me at this time of the year, and it's sapping me of a lot of spare time and energy. But please trust that I am only slowing down-- not going away! I am still working on new posts behind the scenes. The first Size Wise post last week proved super popular, so I definitely want to work on putting more of those together. (If you would like to help, please see the note at the end of that post for how you can.)

I also have plans to put together a Diamond Painting FAQ. After I asked on the Paint With Diamonds Support Group for suggestions of common questions last week, the flood of responses made me realize what a huge undertaking that will be, but I'm not deterred. I have decided, though, that it would be best to split it up into several posts instead of one huge one to make it a little more manageable. So there will be FAQs on Basics, Troubleshooting, Tips & Tricks, and then probably Other/Miscellaneous. Keep an eye out for those.

I think that's all the updates I have for now. Thanks again to everyone who has supported this blog in its infancy. I hope you've enjoyed it so far and that it will only continue to get better!


  1. I just came across your blog and I have been enjoying your posts very much. I look forward to an FAQ post which will be extremely helpful. It seems like on all the Facebook groups, the same questions get asked over and over again and to have the most common questions all grouped together that we could direct someone to would be a great help

  2. Found your post on PWD support on FB! Lots of beneficial information all in one spot. Love your posts! Thank you!!