Friday, April 19, 2019

DP of the Month: Crosses

In our poll on the most popular types of diamond painting designs, "Religious" came in second behind "Landscapes/Scenery." Cross diamond paintings are particularly popular, and because they're usually pretty simple, they're one type of design that often turns out very nicely even in fairly small sizes. And with today being Good Friday and Easter right around the corner, now seemed like the perfect time to highlight a cross diamond painting.

This was a tough choice though, as there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, many of which can be found on PWD's "Religious & Spiritual" page. (And if you're reading this before Easter 2019, all diamond paintings on that page are currently on sale for $9.99+!) 

Three Crosses On The Hill and Three Crosses Under The Milky Way both present striking silhouettes, one in brilliant daylight and one against a beautiful night sky. For a more closeup and detailed cross, Wooden Cross Sunrise is a lovely choice, and Passion of Death is another breathtaking design.

But for this month's DP of the Month, I decided to go with Sunset Crosses. It's a simple design, but I love all of the colors, which to me give it a sense of both mourning and hope. It's also NOT on the Religious & Spiritual collection page of PWD for some reason, making it harder to find (and not eligible for the sale unfortunately), and part of the purpose of DP of the Month is to highlight designs that aren't as popular or well known.

One of the only drawbacks of this design is that as colorful as it is, there is still a large area of black, so if you're not a fan of DPing areas with just a single color-- especially 310s-- you might have a tough time with this one.

Size-wise, this is a fairly simple design, with the only really important detail being the three crosses. You could probably get away with doing even the very smallest size available, which is 30x20 cm. But keep in mind that bigger canvases usually mean more colors, so with the colors being such an important aspect of this design, bigger will be better. I would recommend at least the 45x30 for that reason.

That's it for April's DP of the Month! Have you done a cross-themed diamond painting? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    As for the 310 DMC color, using a coin like diamond painting pen may help to get them pasted.
    Some pictures have a large area of the same color, it will bore most of the crafter. I don't know whether it can be an option to just make these diamond painting as partial drills. If it is possible, it will be great.

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