Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Finishing Touches: Budget-Friendly "Frames"

Diamond painting can get expensive. Not only do you have to buy a kit (and then another.. and another... and, well, you get the idea), but there are also storage items and a host of tools that-- while not strictly necessary-- definitely make the diamond painting experience better. And then, when your painting is finally done, there's framing. Getting your diamond paintings professionally framed can easily cost hundreds of dollars, even with a coupon!

But despair not, fellow diamond painters, there is hope! Many DPers have demonstrated their creativity in finding less costly ways to display their finished works. 

One DPer (who gave permission for her photos and method to be posted about here but asked to be anonymous) shared recently on the Paint With Diamonds Support Group how she saved money not only by getting some of the "free" small diamond painting kits offered by Decor Haven (you only pay shipping) but also by coming up with a budget-friendly (but still stylish) method of framing them:

To achieve this effect, she just created a "frame" by gluing a few rows of spare drills in various colors around the edges of the finished painting. Then she glued a few skewers to the top of the painting, and tied on some paracord for hanging. The result, as you can see, is quite pretty-- without breaking the bank!

For a second painting, she added a little extra flare with some seashells glued along the top: 

Don't they look great? Thank you to Anonymous for sharing this lovely idea with the DP community!

Have you found a creative way to frame or otherwise display your finished diamond paintings? Email your ideas and photos to for a chance to have them featured on the blog!

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