Thursday, August 2, 2018

Welcome: Intro to Diamond Painting

Welcome to Diamond Painting Digest!

Diamond painting is a unique crafting hobby that's been compared to cross-stitch, paint-by-numbers, and latch hook. While the exact origins of diamond painting itself are hazy, it is essentially a new twist on the ancient art of mosaic, which originated in the 3rd millennium BC in Mesopotamia.

Diamond painting kits include a canvas printed with a pattern divided into tiny squares. Each square contains a number, letter, or symbol, and each of these symbols corresponds to a different color. The canvas is also covered with a sticky adhesive, which allows different colored "diamonds" to be adhered to each square one by one. (Of course, these aren't real diamonds, or very few people would actually be able to afford this hobby. They're actually made of resin, and are flat on one side-- to stick to the canvas-- and faceted on the other side, resembling cut diamonds.) Once all of the diamonds are placed, a full, beautiful-- and shiny!-- picture emerges.

Diamond painting can be a very relaxing hobby, and one that produces stunning results, so it's no wonder that thousands of people have already fallen in love with it. And I hope those of you who count yourselves among them will help to make this blog a place to celebrate the hobby, and share ideas, tips, and finished paintings.

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