Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Poll for November & Other News

We have a new poll up for November: What is your favorite type of subject for diamond painting designs? Personally, I gravitate toward wildlife designs, but there are so many others that I like as well. If you have a hard time choosing too, no worries! On this poll, you can choose multiple options!

What type of diamond painting design is your favorite? (You may choose more than one.)

Domestic Animals
Wild Animals
Pop Culture
Famous Artwork (Van Gogh, DaVinci, etc.)
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If you're curious, the results of the last poll, asking which type of drill you prefer, are:

Square: 64%

Round: 14%

Both: 21%

Special-Shape: 0%

Very interesting! I am not surprised that square diamonds easily come out on top. They tend to create a fuller and more detailed looking picture, and personally I find them more satisfying to work with, if more challenging than rounds. That said, lately I've been seeing a lot more people saying they prefer round diamonds, perhaps partly because some people have been having more than usual problems with square diamonds popping up after being placed. 

Speaking of which, that problem-- and a way to deal with it-- was addressed by Renee Lee Dean during the live diamond painting party last Saturday, along with a host of other topics. If you missed it, click on the link above to check it out for lots of helpful hints.

Finally, you may notice this post looks a little different from those before it. When I held my giveaway a couple months ago, one of the ways you could earn an entry was by voting on whether the font size of the blog should stay or be enlarged. Well, the vote came out pretty even, and I figured making the font bigger wouldn't hurt those of us who were fine with the smaller font, and would help those who were struggling with it, so here we are! I welcome your feedback, but unless everyone absolutely hates it, I'll probably be going back some time and editing earlier posts to be in this larger font as well so that all can read more easily.

That's all for now. Enjoy your diamond painting, and look for more posts soon!


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