Thursday, January 31, 2019

DP of the Month: Travel Posters

Time for a new feature on this blog that I hope will be a fun one—diamond painting of the month! In these monthly posts, I’ll simply be highlighting one diamond painting design that I like, to bring some attention to newer or less popular designs that are available out there. I’ll talk about the pros and cons of the design and also recommend what size I think would work best for it.

To find this month’s design, I headed over to the “New Arrivals” section of Paint With Diamonds, and if you haven’t checked out the new arrivals lately, I highly recommend it. There are some really great new designs available there. I truly had a hard time choosing which design to shine the spotlight on in this first DP of the Month post. I love the brooding owl in Senior Hoots, the bright colors in Rainbow Lava, and the pure adorableness of Tangled Up Fox.

But when I saw Visit Chicago Vintage Poster, I knew it was the one. 

I love vintage travel posters, and I’ve thought that they would make perfect diamond paintings from the time I discovered this craft. So I’m excited to see that idea coming to fruition, and I hope we’ll see more travel poster designs become available as diamond painting kits in the future.

Finding this one inspired me to search and see if there were any other vintage poster designs available from Paint With Diamonds, and in fact there are three: this one, World’s Fair Vintage Poster (another ode to Chicago,) and San Francisco Vintage Poster. The other two are beautiful, and more colorful than this one, but I feel that the small details in them would be difficult to capture in all but the very largest sizes available. The Visit Chicago design benefits from being fairly simple—while still having little details that lend it character and humor, like the man in the background chasing after his hat, and the bemused expression on the lion statue’s face.

On the other hand, that simplicity leads to what I think is the biggest drawback of this design—all that yellow! If you’re anything like me, doing large swaths of a solid color in diamond painting can get a little monotonous. I much prefer diamond paintings with lots of color changes and confetti to keep my interest. But if you’re the opposite and love to do sections with nothing but one color, this DP would be perfect for you. Happy checkerboarding!

Size wise, I think this design would turn out pretty good in the 45 x 60 cm size, at a minimum. But if you want to capture all of the little details, like the lines on the buildings, you would definitely need to go bigger. The good news is, travel posters are designed to be big, so even the largest size, 90 x 120, would not feel out of place in the right setting—and I’m sure it would look fantastic!

If you hail from the windy city, or simply love to visit, Visit Chicago Vintage Poster would be a perfect diamond painting for you. If you’ve done it, or if you do it in the future, be sure to share photos in the comments below!

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