Thursday, February 14, 2019

DP of the Month: Love

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Naturally, I headed to the Love and Romance section of Paint With Diamonds to find February's DP of the Month pick. If you're in a lovey dovey mood, there are lots of great designs there to choose from, including lots of silhouette-style pictures in the same vein as the ever popular Soulmates (my favorite is Young Love). I'm also partial to the vibrant colors in Love Grows, and the sweet simplicity of Marshmallow Love.

But the design that really stood out from the rest for me is... well, I'm not going to tell you its name yet. Just look:

Now, this caught my eye right away with its multitude of bright colors and sweet portrayal of an older couple walking arm in arm. That alone was enough to win me over. It took me a few moments before I even noticed their reflections in the water, showing their younger selves. Did you see it right away?

That little surprise just cemented my affection for this charming diamond painting design celebrating lasting love, appropriately titled Childhood Sweethearts.

When choosing a DP to do, it's important to consider not just whether you like the look of the design, but whether it's a design you'll enjoy working on. Some people-- myself included-- love working on areas with lots of confetti, so a painting like this with so many colors and details would be a joy to do. But if you're not a fan of confetti, and prefer working on areas with a lot of solid blocks of color, you'd be wise to choose a simpler design.

All those colors and details mean that you'll also want to go big with this one in order to really capture what makes it so appealing. If your DP is so small that you can't even make out the little couple who are the heart of the painting, you're sure to be disappointed. As we've seen, the bigger the DP, the more colors it can accommodate. So the bigger you can go, the better. I think the very smallest I would recommend going with this one is 50 x 65 cm.

That's it for this DP of the Month post. If you've done Childhood Sweethearts, please share a picture! Or tell us, what is your favorite love-themed diamond painting? 

P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway in the next post down-- you have until the end of February to get your entries in!

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