Wednesday, March 13, 2019

DP of the Month: Lions

Happy March, everyone! They say March "comes in like a lion" so I thought this would be the perfect time to check out the Lions & Tigers collection of Paint With Diamonds to find some designs featuring the king of beasts.

If you like special drill diamond paintings, there are a few to choose from here, including the very colorful Majestic Lion. For full-drill designs, Stardust Lion has a neat look, while Big Cat Best Friend is both surprising and sweet. If you like your lions little and cute, look no further than Polar Cub.

But ultimately my pick this month came down to two choices, both closeups of a lion's face: Lion Portrait and the winner, Predator.

The intensity of the lion's stare is what helped the aptly-named Predator to edge out Lion Portrait. I just love how well it captures the majesty, power-- and yes, danger-- of these beautiful animals. 

Because it is a closeup of a single subject, I think you could get away with going fairly small on this one-- maybe even the smallest size available, 20x30 cm-- and still have it come out recognizable (if highly pixelated). Personally, I would recommend going up to at least 45x30, though. And remember that the bigger you go, the better you'll be able to capture all of the details, like those intense eyes, twitching whiskers, and gorgeous mane. If you really want to feel like this lion is right there about to pounce on you, you can go all the way up to 105x70 on this one!

If you're the type of person who likes a diamond painting with lots of bright colors, this might not be the design for you. Naturally, this lion is a whole lot of brown. But with all those furry details, you can still expect plenty of confetti. And you might just be surprised by some of the colors that you do end up with if you buy this kit. What we see as brown is actually made up of so many different, and often surprising, colors when you break it down into pixels (which is essentially what drills are). For instance, I'm working on a custom DP of my daughter right now, and her blond hair is full of pink, green, white, and brown drills! The colors seem odd up close, but when you step back, they all come together perfectly. I suspect this lion's mane, when put into DP form, will be hiding lots of fun and surprising colors as well.

That's it for the DP of the Month for March. Have you done Predator or another lion diamond painting? Share your photos and thoughts in the comments!

Update: Check out the next post to see this what this DP looks like completed in the 75x50 cm size!

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