Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Diamond Painter Spotlight: Francis D. from Alberta

Shortly after I posted March's DP of the Month, Predator from PWD, a fellow diamond painter happened to share a photo of that very design, completed, in one of the Facebook groups dedicated to diamond painting. I jumped at the chance to ask the poster, Wanda, if she would mind me sharing her photo on my blog.

She was happy to help, but also explained that this diamond painting was actually completed by her mother, Francis D., who lives in Alberta, Canada. "She loves doing painting with diamonds," says Wanda. "It keeps her mind fresh and the time passes quickly. I laugh at her because she is 82 and stays up past midnight as she enjoys it so much. She has done three turtles and is going to do a huge elephant. She can’t wait."

I love that! And after learning it, I thought, Francis shouldn't just be tacked onto the end of an existing post as a footnote! She deserves a post all her own! So, without further ado, here is Francis' completed Predator DP (75x50 cm):

Isn't he gorgeous? And huge! I am just learning myself how daunting a project this size can be, but it is certainly worth it for the beautiful level of detail.

Great job, Francis! Thanks for being a great example of how great diamond painting is for all ages, and congratulations on being this blog's very first Diamond Painter Spotlight subject.

If you know of a diamond painter who you think deserves a little time in the spotlight, please email me at with a little info about them and a photo of at least one of their completed diamond paintings.

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